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R & A Rules of Golf apply except:

To qualify to play in the Wales Mini Masters players must have no CONGU handicap or a handicap of 28 or above at the date of entry. If a player’s handicap falls below the threshold during the course of the year players will be allowed to participate in any qualifying rounds and The Final.


Each player must be accompanied by an adult.

Adults are allowed to fulfil all functions of a normal caddy plus they are responsible for recording their player’s score on each hole. See “Marking the Card” below.

The maximum number of shots to be recorded on any one hole is 10. Once a player has taken 10 shots then the ball MUST be picked up and then play moves to the next hole. When this occurs the maximum score of 10 is recorded.

Attempts to hit the ball that do not make contact (air shots) are NOT to be counted.

If a player fails to hit the ball out of the bunker after 2 attempts then the player may choose to pick up the ball and place it outside the bunker no closer to the hole. This incurs a penalty of one shot.

If a ball is lost a player must replay the shot from the closest position from where they last played and add one stroke to their total.

There are no dress restrictions.

Guidance for Caddies

Accompanying adults may have limited knowledge or experience of the Rules of Golf so below are some simple tips to make the event as enjoyable as possible for you and your player.

Please encourage all the golfers in our group.

Be prepared for the weather –sunshine to rain – especially give consideration to footwear.

We will be asking you to record scores – so please bring a pencil!

The role of the caddie is to support, advise on club selection, and shot required, allowing the player to take responsibility for their own golf game. Please do not coach.

Marking the Card

Generally we play matches in groups of 3. Before play commences please swap cards with the two other adults in your group so no adult has the scorecard of their child.

Pay attention to all the shots from all the players within your group.

At the end of each hole agree the score for each player on that hole. Write down the score in the appropriate column before play commences on the next hole.

If agreement cannot be reached between the adult marking the card and the player invite the third to give their view on any misunderstanding.

If agreement still cannot be reached leave the score blank and the matter will be resolved by the organiser at the end of the round.